23 May 2024

Statement: Dimeta welcomes the 15 Member States call on EU’s Heating and Cooling Strategy

15 Member States joined forces in a joint non-paper calling on the European Commission to increase decarbonisation efforts in heating and cooling.

Earlier this year, the European Commission published a communication on “Securing our future Europe’s 2040 climate target and path to climate neutrality by 2050” highlighting that the EU building stock accounts for 42% of final energy consumption and about 35% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. With around 80% of energy consumption in buildings stemming from heating and cooling needs, this sector is crucial for achieving decarbonisation.

In a joint letter, over half of the member states ( Latvia, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain) called for “a concrete plan to quickly ramp up the use of the different renewable energy technologies that could deliver” climate neutrality by 2050.

“Dimeta welcomes the joint paper, signed by 15 Member States, calling for a revision of the EU’s Heating and Cooling Strategy. This is of critical importance, as the heating and cooling sector will play a central role in achieving Europe’s proposed 2040 climate targets.


We support the Member States’ recognition that electrification will not always be possible for some sections of our society and economy, particularly for those in off-grid areas. This provides an opportunity for other sustainable renewable energy sources, such as renewable & recycled carbon DME, to support the EU’s decarbonisation efforts.


A revision of the Heating and Cooling Strategy would be timely. It should take stock of all available solutions for all building types while recognising the varying financial needs and prospects of all Europeans, especially those in off-grid areas. At Dimeta, we firmly believe in the potential of Renewable and Recycled Carbon Fuels as a viable, sustainable energy solution in Europe’s energy transition, contributing significantly to this effort.”

Sophia Haywood, Director of Advocacy & Communications

Securing our future Europe's 2040 climate target and path to climate neutrality by 2050

The role of the heating and cooling sector in the EU 2040 climate and energy framework