11 Jun 2023

Planning approval granted for Dimeta’s first waste-to-DME plant in Teesside

Dimeta is pleased to announce that it has received full planning permission to build a waste-to-DME production plant through its Circular Fuels Ltd (CFL) joint venture with KEW Technology. The plant will be the first of its kind in the UK and will produce renewable & recycled carbon DME, a clean and sustainable fuel for off-grid energy at Teesworks. 

Expected to become operational in 2027, the production plant will span c.14 acres and will have the capacity to produce over 60,000 tonnes of DME per year. The site will take waste from the local area and convert it into DME using KEW Technology’s proven and privately-owned advanced gasification process, a form of Advanced Conversion Technology. 
The sustainable fuel will be used by the UK LPG Industry to benefit homes and businesses in rural areas not connected to the UK’s national gas grid. The total project investment of more than £150m will create jobs in the local area, with 250 roles available during construction and 50 skilled permanent roles when production is underway, as well as supporting dozens more indirect jobs in the feedstock and fuels supply chain. 
With millions of homes and thousands of businesses across the UK using some form of off-grid energy, Renewable & Recycled Carbon DME, with its ability to be blended in with LPG, offers a low-cost and low-hassle pathway through the energy transition. 
At Dimeta, we aim to develop a total production capacity of 300,000 metric tonnes of low-carbon DME per year by 2027. Planning permission for our first commercial plant with CFL is another key step towards delivering these solutions and achieving our bold ambitions.