28 Nov 2023

Dimeta Presence at COP28: Accelerating the Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Dimeta, a leader in the production and use of renewable and recycled carbon DME, will attend the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP28 in Dubai, which will take place from 30th November to 12th December 2023. 

The consequences of climate change are ubiquitous, magnifying the risks for instability in all forms; wildfires, rising temperatures, and rising sea levels pose a threat to the livelihood and well-being of future generations. The global need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach Net Zero by mid-century is more urgent than ever.
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP28, which will take place from 30th November to 12th December in Dubai, UAE, is one of the most critical annual climate change and sustainability events. Every year, the forum brings together various experts and stakeholders: world leaders, government officials, business leaders, young people, non-profit organisations, scientists, media, and delegates.
Over 70,000 participants from around the world will meet in Dubai to discuss and find solutions to tackling one of the biggest threats to the natural environment and societies in modern human history: climate change.
To tackle climate change, collective efforts and actions that go beyond borders and political agendas are needed. All voices and sectors must be part of the global discourses and decisions to ensure a just and inclusive energy transition for all. Therefore, the Dimeta delegation, including Dimeta CEO Frankie Ugboma, Head of Advocacy & Communications Sophia Haywood, and Communications Officer Anna Pantazi, will be travelling to Dubai to actively participate in the discussions to ensure the voices of off-grid sectors are not only heard but amplified.

“All sectors must come together to address the challenges of climate change and work towards a sustainable future. At Dimeta, we are committed to driving meaningful change by providing innovative solutions like renewable and recycled carbon DME. By participating in COP28, we aim to ensure that the voices of hard-to-abate sectors are heard, contribute to discussions on a just energy transition, and forge partnerships to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. I look forward to sharing my insights and reflections on the critical discussions and decisions made once the event concludes.”

Frankie Ugboma, CEO of Dimeta

Renewable energy is one of the key players in the discussions taking place at COP28. As the urgency of the climate crisis continues to escalate, the transition to sustainable, renewable energy sources is becoming an increasingly essential component in mitigating the effects of climate change. Renewable energy is a crucial aspect of the energy transition and a key to the solution. Over one billion people live and work in rural, remote areas not connected to the main gas grid. In these off-grid areas, gas and electricity networks are limited, leading to a heavy reliance on high-carbon fossil fuels such as oil or coal or cleaner liquified petroleum gas (LPG) for daily activities and operations such as heating, hot water, cooking, or generating power.
Another critical pillar is ensuring energy solutions contribute to improving air quality to protect the well-being of communities globally. To achieve these goals, we must embrace a multi-solution approach and provide pathways to cater to the diverse energy needs of different locations and varying social and environmental factors across the globe.
At Dimeta, we are committed to sustainability, and we recognise the urgent need to establish greener practices and alternative energy solutions to respond to the climate crisis by eliminating energy poverty and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and social inequalities.


“The battle against climate change requires a global effort, transcending borders and political agendas. All voices and sectors must be part of the solution. That’s why Dimeta is taking part in COP28 – to ensure the voices of hard-to-abate, industrial, transport, and off-grid sectors are not only heard but amplified. Through our participation, we aim to contribute to discussions surrounding a just energy transition for off-grid sectors and work towards a sustainable future. We will share our expertise and showcase the potential of Renewable & Recycled Carbon DME in building a more sustainable world”.

Sophia Haywood, Head of Advocacy & Communications

Dimeta is leading the adoption and use of renewable and recycled carbon DME, a low-carbon sustainable liquid gas. This innovation is vital for decarbonising the LPG community and providing off-grid communities with a sustainable energy source, ensuring no one is left behind in the fight against climate change.
Renewable and recycled carbon DME is a sustainable liquid gas produced through renewable feedstocks such as waste and chemically similar to LPG. When blended with LPG, low-carbon DME can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85%, improve air quality and decarbonise the off-grid sector with no changes to LPG appliances or infrastructure. It can also achieve over 100% emissions savings when carbon capture is used.

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Anna Pantazi

Communications Officer