10 May 2023

Dimeta joins European Biogas Association to champion role of DME

Dimeta has announced its membership in the European Biogas Association (EBA) to support the promotion of all renewable gas solutions in Europe and to champion the role of DME. 

Founded in Brussels in 2009, the association is dedicated to the active promotion of renewable gas and today counts over 250 members, representing the whole biogases value chain. Supported by its members, the EBA is committed to working with European institutions, industry, NGOs and academia to develop policies that can enable the large-scale deployment of renewable gases throughout Europe.
The decision comes following a critical year in EU energy policy, with the decisions on RED III recently concluding in trialogues, but has even more opportunities and challenges ahead – such as developments with the Net Zero Industry Act, the European Performance of Buildings Directive, Eco Design and many more.

“Collaboration is critical to success. We look forward to working closely with the EBA and its members as we collectively champion the role for renewable gas. Individually we may create gas in different ways, using different feedstocks – but the principal remains the same – renewable gases can play a key role in the short, medium and long term in supporting European countries in meeting their decarbonisation objectives.”

Frankie Ugboma, Chief Executive Officer at Dimeta

Renewable DME, short for dimethyl ether, is a sustainable, clean burning liquid gas which can support the decarbonisation of LPG. Chemically similar to LPG, it can be blended with LPG to reduce emissions or used on its own. DME can be made from a variety of sustainable feedstocks and via different processes, Dimeta is however making DME from waste and has its first plant in the UK coming on stream in 2025.