12 Feb 2024

Celebrating two years at Dimeta – A discussion with Lizzie German

To celebrate Lizzie German’s two-year anniversary as Investment and Technology Manager at Dimeta, we sat down with her to discuss her journey so far. As Lizzie has a background in chemistry, this also aligns with yesterday’s celebration of international day of women and girls in science. She shares her insights on why she chose to study science and the rewards she found in the field.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your role at Dimeta?

I joined Dimeta two years ago as Investment and Technology Manager, part of the business development team. In this role, I manage partnerships between Dimeta and developers of renewable & recycled carbon DME production plants. This includes managing the project schedule, business cases, and commercial developments.
Additionally, I oversee the sustainability aspects of our operations, including sustainability assessments and compliance with relevant regulations. I am responsible for ensuring that the projects we pursue align with our sustainability goals and requirements. I find my current role interesting, challenging and fulfilling, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to developing low-carbon fuels for a more sustainable future.

When you reflect on your two years in Dimeta, could you share some key accomplishments or milestones that you have achieved within your role?

I have been part of Dimeta since day one, and I am very proud of the growth and impact the company has had in just two years. One of the significant achievements is that we have successfully increased awareness and recognition of low-carbon fuels, especially in off-grid and rural areas, and supported the development of the regulatory framework for renewable & recycled carbon DME use in the LPG sector.
A highlight for me is collaborating with experienced and innovative technology companies and project developers to increase DME production capacity. These partnerships present exciting opportunities for us to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovation to further our mission of achieving a just and inclusive energy transition.
On a personal note, I was thrilled to win the Young Person in LPG Outstanding Achievement Award from Liquid Gas UK, and I am privileged to work with such a knowledgeable and passionate team.

“I find my current role interesting, challenging and fulfilling, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to developing low-carbon fuels for a more sustainable future.”

Lizzie German, Investment and Technology Manager

How do you see your role having an impact on the energy transition?

Developing renewable fuel capacity is a critical endeavour for the future of the energy transition, and it is a core focus of our work. As the need for renewable and low-carbon fuels continues to grow, particularly in sectors that pose significant decarbonization challenges, such as the off-grid sector, our efforts to expand production capacity become increasingly important.
The renewable fuel industry is still, in many aspects scaling up. This brings challenges and opportunities and means that creativity and innovation are often important.
 The wider energy transition also has an important impact on the work that we do. In the policy space, increasing focus on net zero and a just transition creates an exciting opportunity to target very low greenhouse gas emissions products and production processes. Developments in the wider energy sector, including in electricity grid decarbonisation and carbon capture and storage, facilitate this. Maturing frameworks to certify and track renewable fuel use in supply chains enables the confidence of final customers in the environmental performance of the product that they receive.

As yesterday was the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, can you share what initially sparked your passion for science and how it contributes to your current role?

My chemistry degree and master’s degree in renewable energy have been instrumental in shaping my career. I am grateful for the foundation that studying chemistry has provided me and for being able to apply that knowledge to the work I do today.
Curiosity and a deep desire to understand how things work have been the driving forces behind my passion for science. Exploring the underlying mechanisms of the natural world has always fascinated me, in particular the Chemistry underpinning the living world and our environment, and the impacts that humans are having on it. The breadth and depth of the impact that science has on our world is truly remarkable, as it helps us gain the knowledge needed to address pressing issues, such as the transition to renewable energy.