22 Feb 2024

Celebrating Dimeta second birthday

Dimeta is turning two! To celebrate this significant milestone, our team took the opportunity to share their exciting experiences, wishes and thoughts for the future. We’ve come a long way in the energy sector and it’s fantastic to take a minute to reflect on everything we’ve achieved together so far. Happy Birthday, Dimeta!

Today, as Dimeta turns 2, we celebrate our growth and steadfast commitment to a sustainable future. I am proud of our achievements so far and immensely excited about what lies ahead for us this coming year. With each milestone, we drive meaningful change in the energy transition by providing innovative solutions such as renewable and recycled carbon DME. Happy birthday to Dimeta! 

Frankie Ugboma, Dimeta CEO

Happy Birthday, Dimeta! What excites me most about the future is the synergy between Dimeta’s prospect in the energy sector, the team’s commitment to company values in daily actions, and the collective dedication driving goals into tangible achievements is a source of great inspiration and motivation.

Mara Sanchez, Project Manager 

It’s with a mixture of pride and amazement that we’re joined in the celebration of Dimeta’s second Birthday: Pride in that I’ve been involved in the growth of this incredible company and amazement in what we have achieved in the two years we have been incorporated. The sheer scale of the opportunity that exists, not only for the existing LPG industry but for its future forms. The challenge of off-grid energy supply is not likely to subside in any way in the future, and as such, it motivates and excites me that I, with Dimeta, can be part of this journey. Happy Birthday, Dimeta, and here’s to many more.

Stephen Hallet, Operations Director

Congratulations, Dimeta, on your birthday! What a year we have had, and what a promising and exciting year we have ahead of us. The coming year will bring excitement and new major milestones achieved for the several projects being developed. I am grateful to be part of Dimeta and believe we are set out to accelerate decarbonisation of the off-grid energy sector through Renewable and Recycled Carbon Dimethyl Ether (DME).

 Robin Lindeboom, Finance Manager 

I wish the Dimeta team and all its partners a wonderful second birthday today! Although I am still relatively new to the team, I am impressed by what has been achieved and excited about 2024 to show our progress in getting projects off the ground! 

Katrien Wijsman, Business Development Director 

Happy Birthday, Dimeta! I’m delighted that Dimeta has reached this milestone, and I look forward to seeing increasing use of renewable fuels in the off-grid energy sector.

Lizzie German, Investment and Technology Manager

What immediately comes to mind is our exceptional team. Creating a market for a product that could revolutionize home heating and contribute to the decarbonization of an entire sector demands immense motivation. It calls for passion, professionalism, and a relentless determination to bring forth a sustainable solution with the potential to heat millions of homes. Happy Birthday, Dimeta! 

Stefania Bostan, Public Affairs Officer 

Happy Birthday Dimeta! I am excited to be working with a group of great people to deliver Renewable & Recycled Carbon DME to the off-grid sector and the wider industry.

Mark Jones, Supply Manager

As we celebrate Dimeta’s birthday, I am thrilled to be part of this extraordinary team. Over the past two years, Dimeta’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has allowed us to make significant strides in the energy sector. I look forward to continuing our efforts in building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Anna Pantazi, Communications Officer 

Since I joined Dimeta, the company has welcomed a handful of new talents, doubling the size of our team, whose impact greatly contributed to defining what values Dimeta stands for and further evolved the company’s global impact. I am intrigued to see and contribute to the future endeavours and growth of Dimeta in the coming year. Happy Birthday, Dimeta!

Lilla Fábián, Office Manager

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Happy Birthday, Dimeta! 

Mohamed Magdeldin, Project Development Engineer

Happy birthday to Dimeta! As we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Dimeta, I am proud to see the incredible strides we have made in advocating for renewable liquid gases such as renewable & recycled carbon DME and driving positive change. With each milestone, we amplify our voice and empower others to join us in creating a more sustainable world.  

Sophia Haywood, Head of Advocacy & Communications